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imageThanks our over 30 years long affectionate clientele, attending them both in leisure than in business trips, our staff team has consolidate experience in the local and in the international Travel Market. Tailor made trips are our main occupation and particular satisfactions are client keeping in touch with us telling their travel experience. Having also the luck to live in this beautiful Island, we would like to give a particular relief to a journey in Sardinia. Culture, Tradition and breathtaking Nature are here sovereign, so we have chosen Sardinia as your unforgettable Wedding and Honeymoon spot. We select the hotels with a special care as we like to inspire you starting from the accommodation!

Whether you are a couple or a family, a sport or nature lover, it will be a pleasure to welcome you and help you to plan your perfect holiday !!

Visos Viaggi by Omnia Travel & Business S.r.l.
Via Puccini, 41
Sardinia - ITALY -

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tel. + fax (+39)070658772
VAT 02958050920 - Regional Authorization n°249

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