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orosei-marina-beach-resort-newyearpartyBreaks in Sardinia Orosei  

New Year's Eve Package 

A country rich of emotions: 

The Ogliastra territory  is a gem nestled on the east side of  the Island offering countless activities and visits: mountains, beaches, caves, picturesque small towns, museums and archaeological sites.

Best On Line Rates 

1 overnight + Gala Dinner
half board € 155 half board € 175
full board € 175 full board € 195
2 overnights + Gala Dinner
half board € 215  half board € 245
full board € 245  full board € 275
    3 overnights + Gala Dinner
half board  € 275 half board € 315
full board  € 315 full board € 355
rates a per person sharing double room!